Integrated Online Solutions

JPMA provides several hundred law enforcement and public safety agencies with simple and affordable turnkey training systems (online content and learning management system). Customers use these systems to meet basic in-service and compliance-level training requirements. This frees resources that can then be redirected toward other agency purposes, including higher-level training needs. Simply stated, our online systems provide agencies with a technology-powered training component that allows them to easily expand the impact of their overall training expenditure and effort.


A vast online training library is available to users of JPMA’s turnkey solutions. This includes topics such as Terrorism Awareness, Cultural Diversity, WMD and Hazardous Materials Response, Developmental Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Crime Scene Investigation, Computer Crimes, Human Trafficking, and many others. These online training materials are focused on addressing relevant, mission-oriented training needs that do not require the expense of classroom delivery methods. To learn more about our engaging, learner-centered content go to our section, Online Class Development.

Learning Management System

The JPMA Learning Management System (LMS) provides the overall framework for tracking authorized users and their progress through available coursework. Designed with the “KISS principle” in mind, JPMA’s LMS is not only user-friendly but also a breeze for training administrators to operate. This is especially important for smaller to moderate sized agencies where those administrators have numerous other responsibilities.
With JPMA’s LMS a separate, branded training portal can be created for larger agencies or groups of agencies to provide a greater degree of customization of the training process. This can include a greater assortment of job types, training libraries, and user/admin permissions designed to mirror the organization’s structure and training practices.

Active Online Training Systems

JPMA currently provides turnkey online training solutions for law enforcement agencies in all states. Agencies in three states (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) have access to systems that include state-specific training content. Several other states will soon join this roster. Turnkey training solutions are also presently available for use by fire, EMS, corrections, campus security, and private security organizations.