Training Technology Consulting

JPMA provides its training partners with a unique level of guidance, planning, technical assistance, and development consulting on the implementation of online training within the public safety and security community. This assistance can be the difference between the long-term success or failure of an online training effort.

Technology Options

The options for implementing a technology-powered training component become more numerous and complex each day. Scores of vendors selling learning management systems, content development software, or turnkey training solutions will claim that they provide the “best” solution. Sorting this all out, determining the factors and options that would best serve your agency and its training partners, is no small feat. Unfortunately, there are many “pseudo-experts” who claim to understand these complex issues but who, quite frankly, do not have the knowledge or breadth of experience to provide reliable advice.

JPMA Expertise - Training Systems Integrator

JPMA senior associates are available to your organization to ensure that the online training component of your training delivery system is designed to meet your present and future needs. Over the past decade we have created a host of products using a variety of technological approaches and have taken a leadership role in creating the nation’s most comprehensive, technologically advanced online training and educational capabilities serving the public safety arena. JPMA is the only experienced “training systems integrator” in the nation that focuses on the public safety and security community. The bottom line is that JPMA has unique knowledge and experience about the successful methods of re-engineering the training delivery system to include a fully functional online component and shares this expertise freely with its partners.