Online Class Development

JPMA is the nation’s most experienced developer of online training content for law enforcement users and has produced over 200 interactive training classes on a host of topics. JPMA's advanced technology approach insures that online classes are specifically engineered to engage the interest of learners (using graphics, animations, photography, audio components, hyperlinks and interactive exercises). At the same time, we retain a simple, user-friendly interface that recognizes the challenges officers will encounter while training at various locations in a work environment.

Wide Range of Classes

JPMA has produced a vast online training library in areas such as Terrorism Awareness, Cultural Diversity, WMD and Hazardous Materials Response, Developmental Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Crime Scene Investigation, Computer Crimes, Human Trafficking, and many others. For more information view our Class Listings section.

Tailored to Address Client-Specific Needs

JPMA knows that online training materials must be constructed to match the unique statutes, policy, response protocols, and support resources that are in place within the individual states and major law enforcement agencies. Unlike other national providers who choose to see this business with a “one size fits all” perspective, JPMA tailors its materials to meet these specific needs. This provides statewide training partners, regional coalitions, and larger agencies with cost-effective access to high-quality, relevant online training materials.

Custom Development

While JPMA’s public safety related content is readily available for immediate deployment, specific materials may also be rapidly developed to meet the training objectives of your state or organization. JPMA has extensive experience working with training academies, state POSTs, professional associations, NGOs, human services agencies, and individual agency SMEs and instructors to develop materials that address emerging training needs within their client community. We can assist in a number of roles to help insure that specific training events are well suited for your learner community and developed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Learning Management System Independence

Many larger agencies have a Learning Management System (LMS) through which online training can be delivered. However, most LMS providers have little or no public safety mission-oriented training materials and agencies are forced to either develop their own (costly and time consuming) or suffer with too few training topic options. JPMA’s content is developed using industry standards to allow its placement in any of these LMS environments. This portability allows customers to partner with JPMA to expand access to timely, affordable, high-quality training materials that would not otherwise be available to their learners. JPMA has ongoing relationships with several LMS providers that can help facilitate inclusion of JPMA’s content for agency users.