Justice Planning and Management Associates (JPMA) is a management consulting and training firm that has been in operation for nearly twenty years. JPMA’s focus during that period has been in the areas of: criminal justice grant writing training and information services; program planning, management, and evaluation; Total Quality Management as applied to police organizations; and, most recently, the development of public safety, Internet-based educational and training events.

Our Experience with Online Training

JPMA has acquired an extensive set of skills and expertise in the area of applying the latest Internet-based training development techniques to public safety purposes. During this time JPMA has created a host of products using a variety of technological approaches and has emerged as clearly one of the leaders in the nation in this area. Thousands of public safety agencies throughout the nation have accessed JPMA’s services, either by incorporating JPMA products into their websites, engaging JPMA as a technical consultant, or participating in one of JPMA’s distance learning events.

Our Leadership Capabilities

JPMA has taken a leadership role in creating the nation’s most comprehensive, technologically advanced online training and educational capabilities serving the public safety arena. In this process, JPMA has developed a mature set of capabilities in understanding and addressing the critical elements of success of an e-training initiative within the public safety environment, many of which go far beyond the relatively straightforward task of configuring the correct technology. With an advanced understanding of the complexities associated with the re-engineering of a statewide training delivery system to include a strong online training component, JPMA has emerged as the first true “training systems integrator” in the public safety field.