Potential training partners often have questions about the specifics of JPMA’s approach to providing technology-powered learning services. The following FAQs along with other information on this website should provide you with a basic understanding of JPMA’s knowledge, skills and abilities. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with your agency's training needs.

How expensive are JPMA’s online training services?

Our services are not only affordable but they will likely save your agency money. Some training materials are available for free since “content sponsors” have paid for their delivery to you. Where fees are involved, the annual cost is equal to no more than two hours of a staff member’s time. But, most agencies report major savings in staff training time by using the online approach so the net result is an overall cost reduction.

How does online training compare to traditional classroom training?

JPMA’s advanced approach ensures that online classes are designed to engage the interest of learners, using graphics, animations, photography, audio components, hyperlinks and interactive exercises. In surveys of users the vast majority have indicated that JPMA’s online events are “better than or equal to” classroom training.

Where does JPMA’s content come from?

JPMA uses the latest information available and it comes from many sources including training manuals, published lesson plans, state and federal training and research documents, classroom instructors, and subject matter experts. In every instance, JPMA’s instructional design team reviews and reorganizes these materials to insure that our online classes are compliant with the appropriate learning and performance objectives for the topic.

How does a small agency participate in JPMA’s programs?

JPMA has nationwide and state specific training portals that allow for participation by agencies of all sizes. JPMA’s offerings are designed for simplicity, insuring that even those agencies with few resources dedicated to managing training activities can easily employ our system.

How can JPMA help a large agency?

JPMA’s online system is easily scalable. In a matter of just a few days we can have a dedicated website fully functioning to deliver high-quality online training to your staff members. Much of our content is immediately available and a great deal more can be tailored for your agency with a small amount of effort. Our rapid development process can quickly and cost effectively help you generate training that addresses issues specific to your agency. And, JPMA’s content can be inserted into any LMS that your agency chooses to utilize. So why take years to get your online training development team up to speed, spending big bucks in terms of salary, encountering steep learning curves, and delaying returns from a high-quality online training program? Our vast experience and well developed system are available immediately!

Can content be tailored for my agency?

Most JPMA content can be specifically tailored for large agencies or for several smaller agencies that want to work together in a regional system. Our library of training content grows continuously and new classes allow rapid conversion to the specific needs of various agencies.

How do I get more information?

The best way to gain a greater understanding of the value and benefits of JPMA’s E-training system is to actually start using it. There are class demos and specific opportunities to use JPMA E-training in your agency for free. Feel free to contact us for more information.