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JPMA has developed classes covering a wide-range of topics. Class topics range from general classes covering Ergonomics/VDT and Workplace Harassment to specific topic areas for public safety officers such as WMD/Hazmat and Terrorism.

Classes are available for first responders, EMA offices, security, corrections, basic policing, and other subject areas that are of interest to many individuals and agencies from a variety of industries.

JPMA’s classes are generally one hour in duration. Classes are learner-centered and users can move to various training sections, individual screens and exercises at their own discretion.

All classes are audio-based with instructional graphics supporting the training message. Learners are also able to view the text of the narrative with or without the accompanying audio. Classes are generally designed to operate at dial-up Internet speeds but the LMS and classes operate more smoothly at broadband speeds (cable, DSL). Some newer classes incorporate limited video streaming and may require high-speed Internet access.

Class completion is documented via an online quiz that is automatically scored and maintained in the training records database for use by the learner and administrating agency. Learners are also able to print paper documentation of class completions for personal or agency records.

These classes can serve as the foundation of your long-term online training effort.

Category: Basic Policing Topics

Community Policing
Ethics: An Overview
Principles of Ethics and Integrity
Report Writing
Understanding Stress and Stress Overload
Wellness and Managing Stress
Power, Authority, and Discretion
Courtroom Procedures
Driving Dynamics I: Emergency Vehicle Operations
Driving Dynamics II: Emergency Response
Career Survival: Positive Ways to be Successful
Career Survival: Professional Policing and the Public
Career Survival: Overall Job Preparedness
Understanding Situational Use of Force
Situational Use of Force: Assessment and Response
Civil Liability

Category: Corrections Topics

Pandemic Issues
Corrections Staff Well-Being
Correctional Supervision of People with Developmental
LGBTI and Other Vulnerable Inmates
Domestic Violence in the Corrections Workplace
Interpersonal Communications for Corrections Officers
Inmates with Mental Illness
Contraband Search Methods for Corrections

Category: Drug and Alcohol Issues

Effects of Alcohol
Underage Drinking
Drugs That Impair Driving
Methamphetamine Awareness
Responding to Methamphetamine Labs

Category: General

Bloodborne Pathogens
Fire Extinguisher Basics
Workplace Harassment for Employees
Workplace Harassment for Supervisors and Managers

Category: NIMS and ICS

National Incident Management System (IS-700) Part One
National Incident Management System (IS-700) Part Two
ICS-100(1) Intro to ICS Course
ICS-100(2) Overview of ICS
ICS-100(3) Basic Features of ICS
ICS-100(4) Incident Commander and Command Staff
ICS-100(5) General Staff Functions
ICS-100(6) Incident Facilities
ICS-100(7) Common Responsibilities
ICS-100(8) Summary and Final Exam

Category: Specific Crimes and Victims

Awareness of People with Mental Retardation
Awareness of Cultural Diversity
Policing Culturally Diverse Communities
Introduction to Homelessness
Law Enforcement Contact with the Homeless
Elder Abuse: The Hidden Crime
Financial or Material Exploitation of Elders
An Overview of the ADA for Law Enforcement
Police Response to People with Disabilities
Computer Crime Basics
Sources of Electronic Evidence
Crime Scene Investigation
Evidence Collection and Preservation
Awareness of Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
Law Enforcement Officer Interactions with Persons Who Have Autism
Awareness of Human Trafficking
Responding to Human Trafficking
Child Abuse
Variant Behavior
Crisis Conflict Management
Responding to Emotionally Disturbed Persons
Introduction to Gangs

Category: Terrorism Prevention

Terrorism 1: Law Enforcement
Terrorism 2: Law Enforcement

Category: Violent Crime and Firearms

Introduction to Federal Firearms Violations
Federal Firearms Trafficking
Understanding Sexual Assault Issues
Responding to Sexual Assault Calls
On the Scene of Sexual Assaults
Intro to Domestic Violence
Identification of Predominant Aggressor in DV Cases
Predominant Aggressor Analysis
Investigative Interviewing: An Overview
Investigative Interviewing: Sexual Assault

Course: Community Emergency Response Team

Disaster Preparedness
Fire Safety
Medical Operations 1
Medical Operations 2
Light Search & Rescue
Team Organization
Disaster Psychology
Terrorism and CERT
Disaster Index

Course: Grant Writing

Grant Fundamentals
Understanding Grant Programs
Planning Grant Projects
Writing Grant Proposals
Application Requirements

Course: Security Concepts

The Security Planning Process
Integrated Protective Systems
Physical Security

Course: WMD/HAZMAT Awareness

Role of the First Responder
Impact of WMD/HAZMAT Incidents
Identifying Presence
Response, Control and Communication
Incident Protective Actions

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