Benefits of Online Training

Web-based training or E-training is the right tool to keep staff members prepared to meet the growing demands of public safety agencies. Using the latest technology and content development practices, JPMA can deploy high-quality training literally right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. There are numerous specific benefits associated with JPMA’s approach to online training.

Available 24/7

Web-based training means that users can access learning materials whenever there is a need. Training is always available and users can “revisit and refresh” anytime. Work shift assignments do not interfere with training availability.

Learner Controlled

The learning experience is self-paced and self-directed. Learners can proceed completely through the presentation or skip to select portions based upon individual interest and prior experience.

Higher Learning Retention

Well-designed online training can often deliver a higher quality learning experience than the traditional classroom approach. Individual learning styles can be accommodated. Slower learners can take their time and faster learners can speed ahead. Internet learning is more effective as learners hear an audio track, can read the transcript as they go, and then interact with online exercises. With constant availability, learners can go back and refresh at any time. It can even serve as a remedial tool for those whose performance needs boosting in certain areas.


JPMA's E-training is decentralized. Staff can train wherever they happen to be as long as there is a computer with an Internet connection. Because students don't have to attend training at a centralized location on a particular date and time, the need to back-fill the position at work is eliminated.

Cost of Training is Reduced

JPMA's E-training is cost effective. There are no logistical issues involved in the delivery of the material. This means no travel time, no mileage expenses, no lodging expenses, and no meal expenses. In most instances, the time it takes a learner to complete training requirements is cut by up to 50%. In many instances, officers can train as part of their regular duties so additional salary costs such as overtime or replacements are eliminated. And, no more need to schedule costly make up classes!

Increased Accessibility

Lower costs and fewer logistical problems give more value for your training dollar. More training opportunities for more employees for the same or fewer training dollars underscores the efficiency of Internet-based training.

Reduce Liability Exposure

Online training is an efficient and cost effective delivery method available from any Internet enabled computer. Agency training efforts can be boosted to higher levels which can improve staff skills and abilities, and reduce risk and liability exposure.

Advanced Technology

JPMA's online training is designed with multimedia. It combines an audio track with graphics, text, and hyperlinks to other web based information, generating a richer experience for the learner. JPMA's E-training is highly interactive. Exercises give learners a chance to think about and work with new concepts. Hyperlinks to other web-based information provide a pathway for those who seek greater command of the topics presented. JPMA uses an industry leading database to control all access and simplify the management of officer training records.

Departmental Control

Unlike most other approaches, the JPMA turnkey solution places the agency training coordinator directly in control of the online training process. After agency setup, staff members have access to the system using individual ID's and passwords. Learners complete a quiz covering each topic, generating a certificate of completion. This information is recorded in an online database and easily accessible by the training coordinator.